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Zen Habitats Zen Feeder

The Zen Feeder is a compact bug storage unit that allows you to conveniently store, feed, and dispense your feeder insects.  Start by pouring the insects into the Zen Feeder basin.  Twist on the dispensing lid.  Lift the feeding door to feed your bugs fresh fruits and vegetables.  When it is time to feed your reptiles, make sure to empty your debris basin, then neatly dispense your bugs without ever having to handle them. 

FOR SMALLER INSECTS PLEASE TAPE UP THE SMALL RECTANGLES ON THE BOTTOM OF THE BASIN.  This will keep small inspects (such as pin-heads) from escaping the bottom of the feeder.

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  • Will it work for crickets?

    Yes it works great with crickets.  We are testing it with superworms too.

  • The air holes on top look quite small ,when adding fresh washed fruits and vegetables have you experienced mold?

    We have not experienced any issues feeding fresh veggies.  We have tested this unit and a prototype for over 6 months.  Keep in mind its i good idea to keep it clean and avoid fruit that can turn to mush quickly.

  • I don't understand how the food debris is removed.

    There is a food panel and you can pull out the food.  We will show in a new video soon.    

  • Is is easy to remove old vegetables?

    The food panel has a solid bottom, just pull it out and the food will be removed with it.

  • What about roach chow? No way to feed that? Or the gel stuff?

    Correct roach chow and gels won't work in here.  You need to use a natural diet of fresh fruits and vegetables.

  • How many large roaches can it hold?

    We currently have a couple hundred large roaches in the Zen Feeder.  However in our prototype we had as many as 500.

  • This looks awesome more videos please on feeding insects and cleaning unit

    Thank you. Planning on making more videos soon.  😀