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4'x2'x2' Zen Habitats Reptile Enclosures with Wood Panels

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Bamboo Finished Composite Wood Panels

  • 4’x2’x2’ – 120 gallon equivalent
  • Front sliding / removable acrylic doors for easy access
  • Galvanized steel screen with support bars for security and multiple lighting options
  • Substrate Shield included (but optional) for those with loose substrate
  • Humidity levels below 50% for dessert setups
  • Not suitable for UTH (Under Tank Heating)

Zen Habitats Reptile Enclosure uses 1” anodized aluminum, bamboo finished wood panels, front sliding/removable acrylic doors, a galvanized steel screen top, and a 6" substrate shield (to keep loose substrate in the habitat when the door is open).  The steel screen top includes screen support bars and wire grommets to give you the flexibility to install your lighting fixtures inside or outside the enclosure.

Why Zen Habitats 4’x2’x2’ Reptile Enclosures?

Large enclosures – 120-gallon equivalent.  Many reptiles thrive when given room to run, jump, and climb.  4’x2’x2’ reptile enclosures are 3 times larger than 40 gallon breeder tanks.

Non-reflective surfaces reduce anxiety.  Most reptiles are territorial and do not like their own reflections.

Front-sliding doors minimize stress when approaching your pet.  Many reptiles and amphibians have a parietal eye which helps them spot aerial predators.  A lot of reptile tanks open from the top - approaching from above can cause stress for your pet.   

Bamboo finished wood panels retain heat better than glass.  Wood panels have been shown to retain heat up to 10x better than glass.   

Substrate Shield included.  All Zen Habitats now come with an optional substrate shield for those who use loose substrate. 

Lightweight – Only 48 lbs. fully assembled.

Easy to assemble – No tools required, but a rubber mallet sometimes helps.    

Ideal for:

  • Bearded Dragons
  • Ball Pythons
  • Boa Constrictors
  • Blue-Tongue Skinks
  • Box Turtles
  • Many other lizards, snakes and turtles that thrive in lower humidity environments (such as a hognose snake, king snake, uromastyx, and more).

This item ships flat and requires no tools for assembly.  Free shipping included.

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Ask a Question
  • Do you ship to Canada yet? Would really love to upgrade my beardies tank ASAP and you come highly recommended. I have a few other places in Canada but none with your reviews and recommendations so I thought I'd check here first.

    We do not ship to Canada yet.  But we are working on a deal which will allow us to in the next few months.  Another option is to ship to friends or family in the US and get it from them.

  • Is this enclosure big enough for two full grown bearded dragons?

    It is always best to house adult bearded dragons separately.  These are great for each adult to have their own space.

  • Do you know the dimensions of the rubber grommet?

    It is 2".

  • Very interested in getting a large cage like the ones you offer! Is the 4x2x2 going to be large enough for active lizards like Collared Lizards?

    From my quick search 4x2x2 works well.  That being said we have not done extensive research to make sure...we just saw it on a care sheet.  

  • Hi, upon paying for and ordering a 4'x2'x2' wood enclosure, how long does it take to ship? Are they already constructed or do you build/manufacture them after an order is placed? Thanks,

    After placing your your order you should receive your items in 3-5 business days (assuming we are in stock).  We manufacture the items in bulk and then ship them to the Amazon warehouse for sale and distribution, we do not build per order.  Hope that answers your questions.

  • During December/Christmas do you guys have a sale and if you do how big is the sale

    Due to the high costs of materials and manufacturing, along with the ever increasing Trump tariffs, we are unable to offer sale prices.  We are actually having a hard time keeping prices as low as they are now.

  • Is the floor wood

    Yes.  All the bamboo laminate panels are wood.

  • Do you ship to Alaska?

    We ship through Amazon.   As long as you can get Amazon then yes.

  • Hello, me again I was wondering if you have any cages that don’t have the substrate shield.

    All our enclosures include the substrate shield however you can choose not to install it if you don't need it.

  • Hello, can you put a heat lamp on top of the cage? If you can, would a 150 wt be fine for my breaded dragon to be able to reach at least 105 degrees Fahrenheit on one side of his cage?

    Yes putting a 150w on top of the screen is perfect.   The galvanized screen top stays cool to prevent any harm.

  • Is this bigger than a 40 gallon tank? Was curious cuz I’ve got 2 little guys and will eventually have to upgrade both tanks.

    Yes these are bigger than a 40 gallon breeder tank.  Our enclosures are equivalent to 120 gallon tanks.  Please let us know if you have any other questions.

  • Hello again, I was wondering if you guys will be offer any 6 foot long enclosures? I plan on getting a Mexican indigo snake and they get 8 plus feet long and a 6 foot long enclosure would be perfect for him. Also when with the pvc enclosures be available ? I can’t wait to start setting up my bioactive terrariums lol.

    Hi we are in production with our PVC enclosures right now.   We do have 2 sizes coming but not 6' at this time.  The challenge for us with larger sizes is shipping them within size and weight guidelines.

  • How is the top secured? I plan to house a large snake and want to make sure the top is secured so that it won’t escape. Would a snake be able to push the top up from inside the cage?

    Hi the screen is galvanized steel with a steel frame.  The screen is locked into the frame of the enclosure.   You should have no issue with anything breaking our or in.

  • Hello, is there any future plans to offer a 36 inch high enclosures for arboreal reptiles? Also would it be possible to add ports on the side of the enclosure for thermometers, hydrometers, and thermostats?

    Hi we do have plans for a 4x2x4 enclosure and 2x2x4 that should meet your needs.  Yes we have ports for all the meters and light cords.

  • Will humidity resistant terrariums and international shipping be available sometime in the future?

    We have alrady started production of our high humidity panel enclosures.  Initially we will offer two sizes: 4'x2'x2 and 48"x24"x16" (for snake lovers).  We have had a lot of interest from Canadian reptile owners and we are working on being able to offer Zen Habitats in Canada, but I am sure you can imagine the number of legal hurdles you must go through first.  Hope that answers your questions.

  • How flexible is the plastic in the rear wiring port could a snake push its way out through it? And if they possibly can any ideas how it could be secured to prevent this happening?

    It is pretty secure and ai have not heard of any escapes.  That said I would tape it up just in case.  Hope that helps.

  • Does your enclosure come with the wood piece shown? And if so, is it attached to the cage? Reason being is I’m looking for different things for the tank that Julia (my 8 year old 4 1/2’ ball python) can climb for exercise. She needs it lol.

    Hi the ledges in the photo is for decorative purposes not sold with the enclosures.  You can find these on Amazon, search Magnaturals.

  • How heavy is this when shipped?

    52 lbs shipped.   48 lbs assembled.   Let me know if you have any other questions.   

  • Hello, I like the size of your tank. But I have to wonder about the weight of it. I have a 40gallon glass tank right now and its a bit heavy. How much does it weight? I wanted to see if the place I currently have my tank on will be enough for the weight of your awesome tank. Thank you :D

    Hi, our enclosures weigh 48 lbs.  Comparatively 40-gallon breeder tanks typically weight 58 lbs.  I hope that helps.

  • Does it come with a UV light fixture?

    The enclosures do not come with any light fixtures.  However we do offer light kits that include the UVB light fixture.

  • Would I be able to use a heating mat with this enclosure?

    Due to these panels being made of wood no.  However we are testing a new PVC panel which we intend to bring to market this fall.

  • Are you shipping to Canada? If not, is this enclosure for sale anywhere in Canada or will you be offering shipping to Canada soon? If so, when? Thank you!

    Hi at this time Canada shipping is not available.   We hope to be able to ship to Canada in the future.   However some Canadian customers have had us ship to friends or family in the US and they get the products from them.

  • Are you still waiting things? I also because I ordered a month ago and was told I would get an update when myzen encloser was ready to ship but I have not and your web page no longer says they are on back order.

    We are shipping this week and next. :-)

  • Hi! If I purchase the 4X2X2 enclosure, do I need to purchase the zen mat as well or is the substrate shield enough?

    The shield is for people who use loose substrate.   The mat is for people looking for a solid substrate that's easy to clean and has traction to keep their pets from slipping.

  • Would this be good for mangrove or ackie monitor?

    I am not familiar with those species however Clint's Reptiles did a review and mentioned they were thinking it would be great for an ackie.  As long as the size requirements ar sufficient and the humidity levels are below 70% you should be fine.

  • One more question, would you be able to tell me the internal dimensions of the floor of the cage? I want to get some slate tiles and would like to know what size to cut them to.

    46"×22" is the internal floor space.    

  • Hi I know that this is a great tank for bearded dragons but is this big enough for a larger lizard like a savannah monitor

    Larger lizards, like monitors, would need a much larger enclosure than what we offer at this time.

  • Hi, my name is Larry. I have a python that’s about 8’ long, she’s currently in a zoo med tank that’s only 3’ long and just over 2’ high. I’d love a bigger tank for her. When will your new line of tanks be available? I use an under the tank heating pad as well as a light on top of the tank, and I keep the humidity high. I’m anxious to get a bigger tank and looking forward to it.

    Hi Larry we plan on having the PVC enclosures available this fall.  Please let me know if you have any other questions .

  • Can you make a bio active work in this tank?

    If you are doing a desert style bioactive (low humidity) then yes but you should line the bottom and sides of the soil with plastic or build an acrylic basin.  If you are looking for high humidity then I would wait till we offer our PVC panels.  Hope that helps.

  • Hello. my name is John Saint John and I am with the Southwestern Herpetologist Society. I would like to check out your cages as we have several from different manufacturers. Is there a store or shop we may do so local to the Los Angeles area? Please let us know and thank you for your time. John Saint John SWHS president SWHS.ORG

    Hi John, thank you for reaching out to us.  At this time we only offer our enclosures through our website and a couple of pet shops in Massachusetts.  However if you have any questions we would be happy to answer them.  Please reach out to us at  Thank you.


  • I would like to reserve a habitat without the substrate shield? Can I do that?

    All enclosures include a substrate shield, however it is an optional piece you do not need to install.  Hope that helps.

  • Could you use an under the tank heater (example: heat tape) with this enclosure?

    Due to the panels being made of wood it is not a good idea to do so.  We will offer a PVC option in the future and then it won't be an issue.  

  • Is it safe to use a ceramic heat emitter with this enclosure?

    Absolutely,  we use then in our personal enclosures. 

  • My cat keeps climbing on top of my beardies tank and the screen isn't holding up. Is your top any different?

    We make our screens a little different than most.  First, we use galvanized steel instead of aluminum.  Second, the screen has a ¼” steel bar for the frame and two steel bars that run across the middle for extra support.  Finally, the entire frame of the screen is incased in the framing of our enclosure.  What this means is a cat can jump on top but won’t be able to break through our screen.  They won’t be able to rip our mesh.  And they cannot pull back the corners and gain access to your reptile in the enclosure.  I hope this helps. 

  • What kind of lighting do I need for this tank for my bearded dragon.... beginner here?!

    Hi, I would suggest using our Heat Lamp and UVB Lighting Kit for bearded dragons.  I personally use this kit for three of dragons. 

  • can these be stacked?

    Yes you can stack as long as you have a secure spacer between for ventilation.   

  • Hello. I love your tanks. So happy to see you coming onto the market with something nice and big! Do you have plans to make a version with black anodized aluminum? What about different panel options? Thanks.

    Hi we do not currently have plans for a black anodized aluminum.  However,  if we get enough requests we would be willing to offer it.