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Zen Mat - Black 46" x 22" Textured PVC Mat



    • Easy to clean – Simply remove the mess and disinfect, there are no pores to trap residue
    • Full size mat – no seams for messes to seep between, which causes bacteria growth and odors
    • Padded/Textured surface – Keeps your reptile from slipping, which reduces joint stress
    • Conducts heat – minimal heat loss when used with PVC enclosures and heat pad (UTH) 

    The Zen Mats are textured, padded mats, that fit perfectly in Zen Habitats' 4'x2' base enclosures.  Free shipping included.

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    • Would a heating pad work with your Zen Mat or would that damage it? Or would the heat not pass through the Zen Mat well enough to reach the reptile?

      We need to test and let you know.

    • Can I purchase a divider for this enclosure? I have two male leopard geckos. I definitely need a divider between them. When they were babies they shared a tank and one became aggressive toward the other. They are currently in separate exoterra tanks. I’m looking to save space and if this will work buy another one to stack with our bearded dragon.

      We don't sell dividers however I am sure you could add one on your own.  Hope that helps.

    • Do the sliding doors lock?

      The doors are fairly heavy and would be difficult for an animal to open.  However if you would like you could always add a cabinet lock (like you see in pet stores).

    • Hi I’m from Canada Ontario and I was wondering if you delivered to Canada from the us? I didn’t see an option for it but this tank is so perfect for my beardie

      At this time we do not ship to Canada.   We do plan on offering shipping to Canada in the future.

    • Can a ceramic heat emitter be used with this mat in the enclosure?

      Yes, that should not be a problem.

    • Would you recommend this enclosure for a tegu?

      Hi, due to the size of a tegu I would not recommend our 4x2x2 enclosures.  It's just too small for such a large reptile.  We hope in the future to offer a size that would be appropriate but we are quite a way away from that now.  Please let me know if you have any other questions.