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Zen Mat - Black 46" x 22" Textured PVC Mat

Pre-order now for May delivery.  

    The Zen Mat was designed because we were unhappy with solid substrate options for reptiles.  The Zen Mats are textured, padded mats, that fit perfectly in Zen Habitats' 4'x2' base enclosures.  Free shipping included.

    Zen Mats have distinct advantages over current solid substrate options available such as:

    Easy to clean – See a mess simply remove the mess and use disinfectant to clean, no pores or fabric for the mess to hide in.

    Full size mat – No seems for messes to seep between causing messes underneath, where bacteria and odors grow.

    Texture surface – Keeps your reptile from slipping when they walk and run, which reduces injury to their legs

    Padded – Hard surfaces are hard on everyone’s joints, even reptiles.


    Existing solid substrate options each have disadvantages that the Zen Mat solves.

    Paper towel or newspaper – Easy to clean but doesn’t look good, messes seep through.

    Reptile Carpet – Looks okay but hard to clean, nails can get caught in the fabric.

    Sandmat – Good traction and looks good but very difficult to clean.

    Linoleum – Easy to clean the surface but tends to be slippery and messes can seep between seems making a mess underneath.

    Tile – Easy to clean and ceramic is goof for filing down nails but it’s hard to cut to size, messes can seep between the seems making a mess underneath, and hard surfaces can be tough on joints.      

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    Ask a Question
    • Can a ceramic heat emitter be used with this mat in the enclosure?

      Yes, that should not be a problem.

    • Would you recommend this enclosure for a tegu?

      Hi, due to the size of a tegu I would not recommend our 4x2x2 enclosures.  It's just too small for such a large reptile.  We hope in the future to offer a size that would be appropriate but we are quite a way away from that now.  Please let me know if you have any other questions.