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Ask the Reptile Experts

At Zen Habitats we like to make sure we are providing the best information for reptile owners which is why we created our Ask the Reptile Experts page.  This is where we ask reptile experts such as veterinarians, herpetologists, educators, and longtime breeders questions regarding their favorite reptile species or regarding reptile specific topics that they feel passionate about.  

Below are responses from reptile experts we feel provide great insight for reptile owners.  If there is a specific reptile species or topic you would like to learn more about please let us know at:


Mariah Healey from Reptifiles provides great insight into blue tongue skinks and reptile nutrition.  

Blue Tongue Skinks

Blue Tongue Skink 

Reptile Nutrition

Reptile Nutrition


We have expert responses regarding more reptile species, proper lighting, and gut-loading feeders on the way so stay tuned.