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Meet Phoenix, Hera, and Megan!


Species and name of your pet: Pogona Vitticeps (Bearded Dragon):  Phoenix & Hera

What kind of enclosure did you use prior to purchasing a Zen Habitats enclosure? Phoenix was in a 40 gallon breeder and Hera is currently in a homemade 4x2x2 melamine enclosure until her new Zen arrives!
What problems did you have with your previous enclosure which lead to your Zen Habitats purchase? Phoenix needed more room than a 40 gallon breeder allowed her and the one Hera is in is just so heavy. I am upgrading to a Zen for Hera for aesthetic and convenience reasons. 

What most attracted you to our products? The beautiful look, convenient features, and PRICE!
What positive behavioral changes have you noticed in your pet since using your Zen Habitats enclosure? Phoenix moves around more and seems more comfortable .

 - Megan, Phoenix, and Hera

Vancouver, WA