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Newsletter Issue 5: September 15, 2020

Zen Habitats Newsletter 5Issue 5: September 15, 2020


Check it out: Zen Habitats is ranked #1 in Medium's "Top 5 Bearded Dragon Enclosures That Your Beardie Will Love!" 

Medium Zen Habitats

Zen Customer Spotlight: Mega Stacks!

What an epic stack Heather has for her ball pythons! She used our 48"x24"16" PVC Enclosures, 1" Stacking Spacers, and Deluxe Stacking Spacer to achieve this look.

Zen Habitats Stack
Christina's beardies are super happy in their new enclosure stack! She used our 4"x2"x2" PVC Enclosures and our Deluxe Stacking Spacers.
Zen Habitats Stack

Educa-ZEN: Enrichment

  • Wondering where to start? Watch this video from Reptilian Garden: Enrichment for Reptiles 101
  • "Dragons need entertainment just like we do. In the zoo-keeping world it’s called enrichment. Enrichment is a combination of mental and physical stimulation that not only cures boredom, but can prolong the life and health of an animal. A happy animal is more likely to be a healthy one." Click hereto read more! (via Reptiles Magazine)


Reptilian Garden


Hot Topic: How to Disassemble Your Enclosure

Are you moving or rearranging your home and need help disassembling your Zen Habitats enclosure? Watch this video.