Tempered Glass Replacement Doors - for Meridian 4'x2'x2' Reptile Enclosures

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DO NOT REMOVE THE PROTECTIVE FILM. Does your pet like to scratch? Our Tempered Glass Replacement Doors for Meridian 4'x2'- based reptile enclosures can lessen marks from scratching and may be the safest and best choice for your pet. Our tempered glass is five times stronger than ordinary glass. If it does break, its film coating will keep the glass from shattering into the enclosure.

*Not compatible with Original Zen Habitats enclosures.*

About This Product
  • Note: Not compatible with Original enclosures
  • Note: Do not remove film coating
  • Does not break into sharp pieces if damaged
  • Be sure the film coating is facing the outside of the enclosure, or it can get scratched
  • Install door stoppers in the rails of the top door frame to prevent the doors from hitting the opposing knob when opening
  • Plastic strips on the bottom of doors prevent vibrations from opening and closing
  • Weighs 27 pounds
  • Five times stronger than regular glass
  • Free shipping included
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