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Meridian 4'x2'x2' Reptile Enclosure Background

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Color: Stone

Are you looking to upgrade your enclosure in the most fantastic way? Does your pet need more enrichment? Our Background for Meridian 4’x2’ reptile enclosures, available in Stone and Sand colors. It looks amazing and allows your pet to climb and explore its home. The background fits perfectly in our Meridian 4’x2’x2’ reptile enclosures, and bonding tape is included for extra security.

    About This Product
    • Note: Only compatible with Meridian 4’x2’x2’ enclosures
    • Rigid and durable high-density foam
    • Non-toxic and safe for pets
    • Includes channels on the back that allow electrical wires to access the wire grommet on the enclosure back
    • Available in Stone and Sand colors
    • Bonding tape included to secure the background to the enclosure
    • Weighs 22 pounds
    • Free shipping included
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