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Zen Habitats 1" Stacking Spacer

The Zen Habitats 1” Stacking Spacer an inexpensive and easy way to stack multiple Zen Habitats Reptile Enclosures while providing ventilation for the bottom enclosure.  Zen Habitats 1” Stacking Spacers is made of the same 1” aluminum used in our enclosures, which provides a strong and secure spacer for stacking.  We use a very simple, but secure, fastener to ensure the stand basically becomes part of the enclosure (we use the same fasteners used to hold panels on skyscrapers).  Free shipping included.

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  • Would you have to put a spacer in between one habitat and it’s stand? Thanks!

    The stands work with the enclosures without the need for a stacking spacer.  Stacking spacers are to be used when you are stacking one enclosure on top of another, the spacer helps with ventilation of the bottom enclosure.  Hope that helps.