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Zen Habitats Cabinet Stand

    Sold out!  Pre-order now for delivery in early May.
    • Ideal stand for 4’x2’ base Zen Habitats Enclosure
    • Stand is 4’x2’x2’ in size – provides 8 cubic feet of storage
    • VHB tape (Very High Bond) to fasten the stand to the enclosure
    • 3 year warranty*

     The Zen Habitats Cabinet Stand is the perfect stand for your 4’x2’ Zen Habitats Reptile Enclosures.  The Zen Habitats Enclosure Stand is made of the same materials used in our enclosures, which makes them look amazing together.  The cabinet provides 8 cubic feet of storage, perfect for hiding all your supplies and feeders.  We use a VHB (Very High Bond) tape to fasten the stand and enclosure.  Free shipping included.

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    • Can you stack 3 high

      By 3 I think you mean a cabinet stand and 2 enclosures.  If so yes you definately stack 3, just make sure to use a stacking spacer between the two enclosures to allow for ventilation.

    • I have a bioactive set up in my zen habitats - approx 5 in substrate and large real rocks (I can send pics if that would help). It is significantly more heavy than a habitat with just sand or the mat. I am not sure what it weighs but I would guess close to 150 lbs. 1. Will the cabinet support this kind of set up? 2. What if I used the spacer as well and added another bioactive on top?

      We have a dig box in a top enclosure of a double stacked enclosures with stacking spacer and stand without issue, however our dig box weighed about 49 lbs.  I am not concerned about the frame holding the weight but at 150lbs I am not sure the bottom panel will not sag.  I would feel more confident at that weight that there was a solid surface for the enclosure to sit on.  Not saying it can't handle it but we never tested at that weight (we tested up to 75 lbs without issue).

    • I noticed this does not come with a top. Is it designed that I could insert one of similar dimensions as the bottom if i chose to?

      Correct there is no top since the enclosure would be on the top.  However if you wanted to add a 1/4" panel cut to 46"×22" you could.

    • Do the enclosures interlock with the 1 inch and or the 12 inch spacer for stability?

      In order to get the enclosures, stands, and stacking spacers to be secure we use 3Ms VHB double-sided tape.  This tape is extremely strong and has amazing bonding power.  Once it is in place it is near impossible to seperate the units.  You litterally need to use a razer balde to cut through it, but don't worry you can always buy more at your local hardware store if needed.  Hope that answers your question.  Please let us know if you have any other questions.