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Expert Reviews

  • "It’s much bigger than it looks. At 4x2x2, I was surprised that it’s far lighter than other cages in it's class." 

    "Everything goes though the front, sliding, clear plastic doors. Both can be removed pretty easy for interior set up."

    " It kept the heat in the area pretty good even with the screen top."

    "If you have the room and appreciate a lighter cage, this is the one for you."

    John Saint John - Southwestern Herpetologists Society

  • It’s arguably one of the best reptile enclosures on the market at this price point, making it an accessible upgrade for reptile owners who are looking to improve their pet’s quality of life.


  • "They look so cool.  They stand out from any other reptile enclosure that I have ever seen."

    Tyler Rugge

  • "The Zen Mat looks amazing and is super easy to clean.  Fitz (the bearded dragon) will not be able to rip it up because it just fits, and it is heavy."

    Taylor Crane

  • The Zen Habitats enclosure is a beautiful habitat, it’s simple, and it just works for reptiles.  I have been through a lot of different brands of enclosures and it is hard to find reptile enclosures that are large reptiles.  Functional for both the human and the reptile.  It looks nice, easy to access the pet, sturdy while not being super heavy, and gives the animal a lot of.

    Happy Tails

  • For me the three most important things aesthetic, utility, and security.  Obviously this is a beautiful enclosure, I love the combination of the bamboo and aluminum.  Utility, I love anything front opening.  I really love the beams on the top, it makes it so easy to hang lights.  Also, these enclosures stack.  Lastly safety, I consider these enclosures very safe, I have cats, these enclosures give me piece of mind.

    Emilee Rose