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Accessories & Substrates

Our Zen Habitats Zen Mat, Bio-Basin, Zen Cave and Tempered Glass Door Replacements are designed to help you build the best environment for your pet’s enclosure.

  • The Zen Mat fits perfectly in Zen Habitats’ 4'x2' base enclosures. It is easy to clean with no seams so messes cannot seep through. The padded, textured surface helps to prevent your pet from slipping and reduces joint stress. The mat is conductive, allowing for minimal heat loss when used with PVC enclosures and heat pad.
  • Our Bio-Basin is designed for pet owners looking to go bio-active. It allows you to add a drainage layer and substrate without water seeping through the seams of your Zen Habitats Reptile Enclosures. 
  • The Zen Cave is the perfect basking spot and hide for your pet. It is easy to clean and features a slate stone top that stores heat from a basking bulb and releases infrared-C. The hide helps your reptile feel safe and secure in its enclosure. 
  • Some pets like to scratch. If this is the case with your pet, the acrylic doors may get marked up. Our Tempered Glass Door Replacements are a great option for your enclosure. They are 5X stronger than regular glass and come with a shatter proofing kit so they will not break if damaged. 


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