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Bearded Dragon Habitats & Large Enclosures

Zen Habitats is focused on creating reptile-specific habitats that are designed to support the physical and emotional needs of your pets. Our Bearded Dragon Enclosures are not only functional but beautiful, easy to assemble, and affordable.  Zen Habitats enclosures provide a healthy environment for your bearded dragon to thrive:

  • LARGE ENCLOSURES - provide room for your bearded dragon to run, jump and climb.  We offer 120-gallon and 240-gallon options.
  • EXPANDABLE & STACKABLE - to grow with your pet or add more pets to your family.
  • FRONT OPENING DOORS - minimize stress when approaching your beardie.
  • BAMBOO FINISHED PANELS - better than glass at retaining heat, which help maintain ambient temperatures at a lower cost.
  • NON-REFLECTIVE SURFACES - reduce anxiety. 
  • 3 YEAR WARRANTY* - On all enclosures, stands, and spacers.


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