Ball Python

Ball Python with its tongue out
ball pyhton chip in a zen habitats reptile enclosure

Why Zen Habitats?

A great ball python setup starts with a great enclosure

🌿 Mimic nature by creating various zones & heat gradients in our spacious enclosures.

🌿 Customizable options to create your reptile's perfect habitat.

🌿 Stackable & expandable to grow with you and your pets.

🌿 Great for tropical. Great for desert. Perfect for your pet.

DID YOU KNOW? Ball Pythons are prone to obesity in captivity. By providing your ball python with a spacious Zen Habitats enclosure, you can provide your them with more opportunities to exercise. Your ball python's dream habitat is just a few clicks away! See what makes our enclosures the best choice for your snake. With several size options and customizable features, there's something for every reptile owner. Here's a taste of what we have to offer:

  • LARGE ENCLOSURES - provide room to create various zones and heat gradients. We offer 120-gallon wood reptile enclosures. Our PVC reptile enclosures are available in 60-240 gallon options.
  • EXPANDABLE & STACKABLE - to grow with your ball python or add more pets to your family. Shop our extension kits or browse our collection of stands and spacers to create your custom ball python enclosure setup.
  • FRONT-OPENING DOORS - minimize stress when approaching your ball python.
  • MAINTAIN HEAT BETTER THAN GLASS - Both our wood and PVC reptile enclosures are better than glass at retaining heat, which helps maintain ambient temperatures at a lower cost.
  • NON-REFLECTIVE SURFACES - reduce anxiety. 
  • 5-YEAR WARRANTY* - on all reptile enclosures, stands, and spacers.