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Ball Python Ultimate Shopping List | Everything You Need To Get Started!

Ball Python Ultimate Shopping List | Everything You Need To Get Started!

Ball Python Ultimate Shopping List

Whether you are bringing home a new ball python, or looking to take your husbandry to the next level, we have compiled an ultimate shopping list to help you choose high-quality, reliable products for your scaly friend!

  • 4x2x2 Enclosure / 4x2x4 Enclosure - All Suitable Enclosures
  • 22” T5 HO 6% UVB Bulb and Linear Lamp Reflector (Arcadia 6%, ZooMed 5.0
  • Heat Bulb or Heat Mat (100w Halogen Bulb)
  • 22-24” LED Full Spectrum Grow Light (6-7000k preferred) (Arcadia Jungle Dawn)
  • Lamp Dimmer or Proportional Thermostat 
  • Infrared Temperature Thermometer 
  • Digital Probe Thermometer/Hygrometer
  • Timer Power Strip or Smart Plugs
  • Tropical Bioactive Substrate
  • Quarantine/Solid Substrate (Zen Mat, paper towel, newsprint)
  • Basking Platform
  • Environmental Enrichment (backgroundbranches/cork branches, ledges, hammocks, cork logs, rocks)
  • Forceps
  • Kitchen Gram Scale
  • Terrarium Disinfectant (F10, chlorhexidine, white vinegar)
  • BioBasin Liner (If going bioactive or using loose substrate)
  • Hide/Cave (Zen Cave)
  • Water Bowl 
  • Whole Prey (Mouse/Rats etc)

  • If you are considering creating a bioactive terrarium for your ball python, consider the All-In-One Josh’s Frogs Ball Python Tankless Bioactive Kit!


    • (x6) Josh’s Frogs BioBedding Tropical Bioactive Substrate - 10 Quarts 
    • (x5) Assortment of Live Tropical Plants
    • Dried sheet moss (1 gallon)
    • Live Oak leaf litter (1 gallon)
    • (x2) Cork flats
    • (25+) Tropical Dwarf White Isopods (8 oz container)
    • Temperate Springtails (8 oz container) 

    To learn even more about ball pythons, check out our informative ball python care articles here!

    If you are new to ball pythons, or looking to give your ball python top notch care so they can thrive, you can check out our all-in-one Ball Python Ultimate Zen Guide! Over 90 pages of up-to-date ball python care and information!

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