You've got questions and we've got answers! If you have any additional questions about our products, please feel free to contact us at support@zenhabitats.com. You can also, check out our FAQ videos on YouTube!

Product Questions

Do you offer payment plans?

Yes, we do! Just select ShopPay or PayPal at checkout.

Are Zen Habitats products covered by a warranty?

We offer a 5-year warranty on all Original and Meridian Enclosures, Stands, and Spacers.

What’s the difference between Meridian enclosures and our original enclosures?

Our original enclosures require some muscle and puzzle piecing the frames together. Our new Meridian line is more user friendly and requires only 8 screws and a couple minutes to assemble! The panels are semi pre-assembled and fold up like a dog crate. Meridian is the way to go if you anticipate having to move the enclosure around a bit since disassembly will be much easier. Both lines maintain the Zen quality and aesthetic and you can mix and match your stack. 

What is the difference between Zen Habitats PVC & Wood Enclosures?

When choosing a reptile enclosure, consider the humidity needs of your reptile. The main difference is the amount of humidity the panels can handle without damaging the panels. PVC panels support both desert and tropical environments of 0-100% humidity.  In addition, PVC supports the use of UTH (under-tank-heating.)

Our wood panel enclosures are perfect for desert reptiles and small animals requiring low humidity levels 0-50%. Wood enclosures are not to be used with UTH.

Check out our enclosure selection here. If you have any other questions regarding the specific needs of your pet, please visit our Care Sheets.

Are Zen Habitats enclosures stackable?

Our enclosures are perfect for stacking! Just make sure to use a spacer to provide ventilation for the bottom enclosure. We offer both stands and spacers here on our site. 

Can I place loose substrate in the habitat?

Yes! All of our enclosures come with a substrate shield to keep loose substrate inside the enclosure. The shield is optional and 6” tall in our 2 foot tall enclosures and is built-in and 12” tall in our 4 foot tall enclosures. Enclosures with built in substrate shields also include options for an acrylic or screen panel.

Zen Habitats 4x2x2 Reptile enclosure corner
Can I use this as a bioactive habitat?

We've had many customers successfully create bioactive habitats in our enclosures. While our PVC panels are waterproof, keep in mind that our enclosures are not water tight. So you'll want to use a liner like our bio basin (4’x2’ or 2’x2’) to prevent leaks. Here is a video showing how we set up our Chinese Water Dragon's bioactive enclosure with a water feature!

How much weight can an enclosure handle?

Our PVC and wood panels are 1/4" thick and can support up to 100 lbs. of substrate without an issue. Our new Meridian line can handle up to 150 lbs. If you need to go up to 250 lbs., our Original cabinet stands and deluxe spacers come with two optional support bars (not compatible with Meridian).

How secure is the screen top?

The top screen is made of a sturdy stainless steel mesh and support bars welded into a steel frame that fits securely into the enclosure. Check out our video below of Kasey testing out our screens with our feline friend Pizza, Zen pup Nash, and 100 lbs. of weights.

Do you have locks for the enclosures?

All of our sliding door enclosures as of March 2021 come with a wire door lock and door wraps to provide extra security for extra sneaky escapees. You can also purchase an inexpensive lock for under $10 online

How easy are Zen Habitats enclosures to clean?

Some of our enclosureshave front sliding doors (4’x2’x2’, 48”x24”x16”, and 4’x2’x4’) that are removeable and our other enclosures have swinging doors (2’x2’x4’ and 2’x2’x2’), all of which allow for easy access to your enclosure for cleaning.  Please use pet safe cleaners. A vinegar and water mixture works great for us! Looking for an easy-to-clean solid substrate option that is great for your reptile's well-being? Check out ourOriginal Zen MatorMeridian Zen Mat!

Can I use UTH (under tank heating) and CHE (ceramic heat emitter) with my enclosures?

Our PVC panels support thermostat regulated UTH. Our wood panels are not compatible with UTH. All our enclosures work great with CHEs.

What are the enclosure doors made out of?

All enclosures include acrylic doors and we also have tempered glass doors available if you’d like to upgrade!

Can you attach a hammock to the habitat?

Yes, you can attach hammocks by using suction cups or Command hooks.

How do I attach lighting to the habitat?

Because everyone’s lighting needs are different, we created our Zen habitats with the most flexibility possible. You can place your lights on top or inside the enclosure. We even have a wire grommet for your electric cords. Lighting on the inside can be attached to the support bars using a multitude of different fasteners. We choose to use zip ties or a small chain.

How hot does the aluminum frame get with the heat lamp directly on the screen?

We tested both the Zen Habitats steel screen and the adjacent aluminum frame and there were no issues with heat. The steel screen tested at 89 degrees and the aluminum frame, placed 2” away, was only 85 degrees.

How does the size compare to a 40-gallon breeder tank?

A standard 40-gallon breeder tank is 36”x18”x16”. Our standard 4’x2’x2’ enclosures are 48”x24”x24” which is equivalent to approximately 120-gallons. This would make Zen Habitats enclosures three times larger by volume. 

We also offer additional enclosures in the following sizes:

48”x24”x16” – 80-gallon equivalent

4’x2’x4’ – 240-gallon equivalent

2’x2’x4’ – 120-gallon equivalent

2’x2’x2’ – 60-gallon equivalent

Does Zen Habitats have any accessories?

Yes! Check out our accessories here.

Does Zen Habitats make custom-size enclosures?

Although we do not offer custom sizes, we do offer extension kits that allow you to put together any 4'x2'x2' enclosures or 4’x2’x4’ enclosures to help you achieve 240, 480, or 600 gallon enclosures, a much larger space for your pet!

Assembly Questions

How do I assemble my enclosures, stands or spacers?

Our enclosures ship flat, to help save on shipping fees and to prevent damage in the shipping process. We designed our habitats to be easily assembled. Our original line requires a rubber mallet and our Meridian line does not require any additional tools. You can access our assembly video tutorials and written instructions here.

How do you disassemble a Zen enclosure?

Watch the video below for instructions on disassembling our Original enclosures. Disassembling our Meridian Enclosures is just as easy as putting them together- just unscrew and fold back up.

How can I tighten loose corner pieces?

Shipping Questions

What is Zen Habitats' shipping policy?

At Zen Habitats our goal is to get your new enclosures to you as soon as possible.  All in-stock Zen Habitats brand items ordered by 2:00 pm EST will ship the same day, and orders after 2:00 pm will ship the next business day.  We offer free shipping on all orders in the contiguous US!

All non-Zen Habitats brand products ship in 1-3 business days.

We ship FedEx/UPS Ground from Knoxville, TN and Salt Lake City, UT.  Most products arrive in 2-5 days. 

All back-orders will ship as soon as new inventory becomes available.

How do I find my tracking number?

Orders and tracking numbers are available to view in your account details. Once an item in your order ships, you’ll also receive an email with tracking information. Make sure to check your spam box! 

Which countries do you ship to?

We offer free shipping in the continental United States. We have partnered with distributors in Canada and the United Kingdom as well. Visit www.zenhabitats.ca for shipping to Canada and www.zenhabitats.co.uk for shipping to the UK.

What do I do if my Zen Habitats product(s) come in damaged?

If your product or any individual parts are damaged or there are any other issues with your products upon delivery, please email Zen Habitats at support@zenhabitats.com so we can help you out!

What’s your refund policy?

If for any reason you are unhappy with your product, please contact us for a return within 30 days of delivery. Read our return policy here.