Stands, Spacers, and Extension Kits

Zen Habitats reptile enclosure stack
Zen Habitats reptile enclosure stack
Zen Habitats reptile enclosure stack

Why Zen Habitats?

A great habitat starts with a great reptile enclosure

🌿 Mimic nature by creating various zones & heat gradients in our spacious enclosures.

🌿 Customizable options to create your reptile's perfect habitat.

🌿 Stackable & expandable to grow with you and your pets.

🌿 Great for tropical. Great for desert. Perfect for your pet.

Stacking multiple enclosures? Short on storage space for your reptile supplies? Looking to expand the size of your reptile's current enclosure? You're in the right place! Zen Habitats Enclosure Stands, Cabinet Stands, Stacking Spacers, and Extension Kits allow you to customize your enclosure setup so that it works best for you, your pet, and your home.

Our extension kits allow you to create custom reptile enclosure sizes by combining multiple enclosures together.  For example, you can use our length extension kit to combine two 4'x2'x2' enclosures to create a custom 8’x2’x2’ reptile enclosure.  With our extension kits, creating a large, custom, reptile enclosure has never been easier.