About Us

Owners Heidi and Randy purchased a bearded dragon enclosure kit when they brought home their baby dragon, Chi. Soon after, Chi exhibited behavior that indicated he was stressed, and the source was his enclosure:

  • The enclosure was too small - Chi did not have enough room to run, jump, or climb.
  • Seeing his own reflection in the glass made him territorial and anxious.
  • The glass enclosure was not retaining heat.
  • Having to reach in from the top-opening enclosure was causing Chi stress as many reptiles and amphibians have a parietal eye that helps them spot aerial predators.

They looked for a proper habitat (a large, wooden, front-opening habitat) and nothing was available at the local and national pet stores, so they decided to build their own. Knowing that not everyone has the equipment, know-how, or time to build a suitable habitat for their pets, they ended up creating affordable and beautiful enclosures that promote good health and stimulation for not only Chi but other scaley pets as well. Since then, the Zen Habitats’ team of reptile enthusiasts has grown, and so has their dedication to developing the best enclosures for pets. Extending beyond our enclosures, Zen Habitats is committed to providing all reptile owners with expert information and resources. 

Our Mission

At Zen Habitats, our mission is to improve the standard of reptile care by providing high-quality products and exceptional service.