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Bearded Dragon | Ultimate Shopping List

Bearded Dragon | Ultimate Shopping List

Bearded Dragon Ultimate Shopping List

Whether you are bringing home a new bearded dragon, or looking to take your husbandry to the next level, we have compiled an ultimate shopping list to help you choose high-quality, reliable products for your scaly friend! 

  • 4x2x2 Enclosure / 4x2x4 Enclosure - All Suitable Enclosures
  • 22” T5 HO 12% UVB Bulb and Linear Lamp Reflector (Arcadia 12%, ZooMed 10.0)
  • Heat Bulb(s) (100w Halogen Bulb)
  • 22-24” LED Full Spectrum Grow Light (6-7000k preferred) (Arcadia Jungle Dawn)
  • Lamp Dimmer or Proportional Thermostat 
  • Infrared Temperature Thermometer 
  • Digital Probe Thermometer/Hygrometer
  • Timer Power Strip or Smart Plugs
  • Arid Substrate Mix 
  • Quarantine/Solid Substrate (Zen Mat, paper towel, newsprint)
  • Basking Platform
  • Calcium with d3, Pure Calcium (without d3), Multivitamin Supplement (Repashy, Arcadia)
  • Environmental Enrichment (branches, hammocks, cork logs, rocks)
  • Forceps
  • Kitchen Gram Scale
  • Terrarium Disinfectant (F10, chlorhexidine, white vinegar)
  • BioBasin Liner (If going bioactive or using loose substrate)
  • Hide/Cave (Zen Cave)
  • Food Dishes
  • Water Bowl / Dripper (for surface agitation)
  • Feeder Insects (Josh’s Frogs)

  • If you are interested in going bioactive, check out our “Bearded Dragon Bioactive Tankless Kit”! 


  • Josh's Frogs BioBedding DESERT Bioactive Substrate (10 quarts) x 6 bags
  • LARGE Desert Plant Kit (8 Plants)
  • Cork Flats x 6
  • Manzanita Wood x 4 pieces
  • Clean-Up-Crew Bioactive Bundle (8 oz Dwarf White Isopod, 8 oz Temperate Springtails) 
    bioactive tankless kit bearded dragon
    For a curated guide with over 100 pages of up-to-date information on bearded dragon care, check out our Ultimate Bearded Dragon Zen Guide!meet the author zen habitats maddie smith
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