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5 Safe Plants To Use In A Bearded Dragon Habitat

5 Safe Plants To Use In A Bearded Dragon Habitat

Exploring Safe and Nutritious Plants For Your Bearded Dragon's Enclosure! 

Incorporating live plants into your Bearded Dragon’s enclosure can help to provide them with additional nutrition, enrichment, and a stimulating environment. As omnivores, Bearded Dragons may opportunistically snack on plants within their habitat, which means plants should be non-toxic and safe for your Bearded Dragon to eat. In this article, we will discuss what plants are safe for Bearded Dragons!

Here is a list of the 5 best live plants for Bearded Dragon terrariums:

  1. Aloe - Aloe vera is a popular succulent that is affordable and readily available. Aloe also makes a safe, hydrating snack for your Bearded Dragons. Aloe comes in many varieties, so you can choose different sizes, shapes, and colors based on your preference.Aloe Safe Plants For Bearded Dragons

  2. Jade - Dwarf jade plants make a wonderful terrarium plant for Bearded Dragons. Resembling small trees, the dwarf jade sports a thick woody trunk with fleshy teardrop-shaped leaves that are safe for Bearded Dragons to snack on.Jade Safe Plants For Bearded Dragons
  3. Haworthia - Haworthia succulents are a small, extremely hardy succulent family that are perfect for arid terrariums. They are tolerant of harsh conditions and hold up to uprooting or the occasional bite from an adventurous dragon.Haworthia Safe Plants For Bearded Dragons
  4. Echeveria - Echeveria succulents are a non- toxic, fleshy succulent that make a very popular option for Bearded Dragon enclosures. There are over 150 species of echeveria, giving plenty of variety for you to choose when shopping for plants for your Bearded Dragon!Echeveria Safe Plants For Bearded Dragons
  5. Prickly Pear Cactus - Prickly pear cactus is grown for both human and animal consumption, and is a wonderful addition to reptile Cactus pads provide a great source of nutrition for Bearded Dragons. Keep in mind, you’ll want to get a spineless variety to avoid injuring your pet.Prickly Pear Paddles Safe Plants For Bearded Dragons

In conclusion, live plants can add a wonderful source of enrichment and an additional source of nutrition to your Bearded Dragon’s habitat. Choosing live plants that are safe for Bearded Dragons to eat will allow your Bearded Dragon to exhibit the natural behavior of foraging and consuming plants in their habitat.

For even more Bearded Dragon safe plants, check out this quick video from our Animal Care Manager, Kasey: 5 Bearded Dragon Safe Plants for Terrariums

To learn more about Bearded Dragons, and how to set up an enriching bearded dragon enclosure, check out our 
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About the author, Maddie Smith 7/23

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