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Are Zen Habitats Enclosures Worth It?

Are Zen Habitats Enclosures Worth It?

Zen Habitats Enclosures Are Designed With Your Pet in Mind 

When it comes to finding the ideal home for your reptile, many owners become overwhelmed and frustrated trying to track down the perfect option for their pet. In this article, we'll take a closer look at Zen Habitats enclosures, and discuss the variety of features that set them apart from the competition. Zen Habitats boasts a wide variety of products designed to meet the unique needs of a wide range of species; but are Zen Habitats worth the investment? 

Multiple stacks of Zen Habitats reptile enclosures in aesthetically a pleasing room

Zen Habitats are able to accommodate a wide variety of species. From the smallest enclosure, 2’x2’x2’, perfect for small lizards such as crested geckos to the largest, 4’x2’x4’, ideal for medium to large lizards and snakes, Zen Habitats is sure to have an option for most species of reptiles and amphibians. Zen Habitats offers the most popular enclosure size in two materials - wood and PVC. The 4x2x2 wood panel reptile enclosure is perfect for arid species that require under 50% humidity, such as bearded dragons, uromastyx, and leopard geckos. The bamboo-finished panels retain heat up to 10 times better than glass tanks, which benefits animals with higher ambient heat requirements. PVC panels are available in all enclosure sizes, and are designed for any humidity level between 0 – 100%. This option is the most popular choice for tropical species such as ball pythons and blue tongue skinks, as well as those wanting to create bioactive habitats for their pet. The 2’x2’x4’ and 4’x2’x4’ PVC habitats include an optional screen bottom panel for species requiring higher ventilation, making these popular choices for chameleon owners.  

From Your First Reptile to Your 10th  - Stackable and Expandable Reptile Enclosures 

Whether you're a beginner pet parent bringing home your first reptile, or an experienced reptile keeper, Zen Habitats product line offers something for everyone. For those with several animals, Zen Habitats enclosures can be stacked to create a seamless, professional looking display for your animals. Zen Habitats enclosures also have the ability to be expanded using extension kits, allowing you to merge multiple habitats together to create a perfect sized enclosure for your pet as they grow, eliminating the need to purchase multiple enclosures over the course of your reptile’s lifetime. In addition to length extension kits, Zen Habitats offers corner extension kits, allowing you to give your pet a large, enriching habitat in the smallest of spaces, or otherwise unusable room corners. 

A stack of Zen Habitats 4x2x2 Reptile Enclosures

More Than Just Reptile Enclosures 

In addition to enclosures, Zen Habitats offers various enclosure accessories designed to enrich your pet’s life!  

The Zen Mat is a perfectly sized solid substrate option for 4’x2’x2’ enclosures. Easy to clean and maintain, the Zen Mat can be wiped clean with reptile safe cleaners to provide a hassle free clean up experience. These mats are textured for optimal grip for your reptile, and padded underneath to provide more support for your animal than traditional solid substrate options such as tile or shelf liner.   

The Zen Cave is an all-in-one basking platform and hide, featuring a slate top basking surface for excellent overhead heat absorption, and a roomy cave underneath for resting.  

If you plan on making your enclosure bioactive, the Zen Habitats Bio-Basin is a perfect choice to keep substrate and moisture contained to your habitat. The Bio-Basin is a durable, crystal clear, pre-cut vinyl sheet that acts as a protective barrier to hold bioactive media and reduce the risk of leaks or spills.

Mariah Healey of Reptifiles Reviews Zen Habitats 

From Mariah Healey of Reptifiles, “Zen Habitats sets a new standard for ease of assembly in reptile enclosures, and after experiencing this level of luxurious convenience, I don’t know if I can make myself go back to anything else."  

After a glowing 4.5-star review of our Original 4'x2'x2' Reptile Enclosure, Reptifiles is back again with another Zen Habitats enclosure review! Mariah of Reptifiles gave our new Meridian 4'x2'x2' PVC Enclosure a perfect 5-star review.

If you’d like, you can read the full review here: Review: Zen Habitats Meridian PVC Reptile Enclosure | ReptiFiles 

Support for You and Your Reptile – Care Sheets for A Variety of Reptile Species 

Zen Habitats provides in-depth care sheets for many different species, making it easy to understand specific care needs of your pet. Zen also offers knowledgeable customer service gurus, available 7 days a week to answer care questions, point owners in the right direction, or make helpful suggestions. Additionally, you can find many useful articles and videos on the site, covering a wide array of reptile related topics, including interviews with reptile industry professionals and expert breeders. 

A bearded dragon eating a dubia roach, bearded dragon complete food guide for reptile owners

Ready To Design Your Dream Reptile Room? 

The "Design Your Dream Setup" tool by Zen Habitats, allows you to create a custom stack of reptile enclosures to suit your needs and preferences. This is perfect for reptile keepers with several animals, and gives you a visual example of what your perfect stack will look like! The products you choose will show the cost of each item and can be added to your cart directly from the design tool. 

So, Are Zen Habitats Really Worth It? 

Zen Habitats are more than just a starter enclosure - they are an enclosure for the life of your reptile. They are well-built, easy to maintain and expand, and provide a spacious and stimulating environment for your pet. With the wide range of species, a Zen Habitats enclosure accommodates, and the variety of products we offer, Zen Habitats enclosures are worth it for any reptile lover. But we’ll let you decide for yourself! If you would like to see some reviews for all our products click here.

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