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Best Reptiles for First Time Keepers! | Top 5 Beginner Reptiles

Best Reptiles for First Time Keepers! | Top 5 Beginner Reptiles

Top 5 Docile Reptiles for First-Time Keepers

So you've decided to enter the fascinating world of reptile ownership! But with so many scaly friends to choose from, where do you even begin? Don't worry, we've got you covered. Here's a list of the top 5 beginner-friendly reptiles that are perfect for first-time keepers:

Corn Snake (Pantherophis guttata)

Known for their vibrant colors and patterns, corn snakes are a popular choice for reptile newcomers. These snakes are relatively inexpensive to obtain care and come in a wide variety of color morphs, allowing you to find a corn snake that perfectly matches your style. Corn snakes are typically active during the day and enjoy moderate temperatures, making them easy to keep in a well-maintained enclosure. Their docile nature and manageable size make them perfect for handling and interaction, ideal for building confidence with reptile handling. 
phoneix the corn snake in a 4x2x2 Meridian Zen Habitats reptile enclosure, reptile terrarium for corn snakes

Leopard Gecko (Eublepharis macularius)

Leopard geckos are undeniably adorable, with their big eyes, friendly personalities, and captivating patterns. These terrestrial geckos are quite easy to care for and don't require a very large or complicated setup. Leopard geckos are nocturnal, so you will have to be up late to observe their most active time. Their calm demeanor and relatively slow movements make them perfect for handling. Plus, with a variety of different morphs available, you're sure to find a leopard gecko that steals your heart.


Crested Gecko (Correlophus ciliatus)

Crested geckos are known for their soft spiny crests and cute expressions. These arboreal (tree-dwelling) geckos are extremely adorable and relatively low-maintenance. Crested geckos don't require heating lamps, as they thrive in cooler temperatures (between 72-78ºƒ). Their docile nature and velvety soft skin makes handling them an enjoyable experience. Crested geckos eat a prepared diet of powdered fruit and insects, which makes their diet simple. 
Bert the crested gecko in a bioactive habitat and bioactive substrate mix, crested gecko substrate guide by Zen Habitats

King Snake (Lampropeltis sp.)

King snakes are another excellent choice for beginners. These moderately sized snakes come in a variety of colors and patterns.. King snakes are typically active during the day and require moderate temperatures, making them easy to care for in a well-maintained enclosure. While some king snakes can be musky when stressed and may mistake hands for food, short frequent handling sessions can help build a confident and calm companion.
King snake in the wild. King snake care sheet and king snake enclosures by Zen Habitats

African Fat-Tailed Gecko (Hemitonotaus caudicinctus)

Though these geckos look similar to leopard geckos, they are an entirely different species! These chunky geckos have a docile personality and are relatively easy to care for. They are primarily nocturnal, require moderate temperatures, and more humidity than a leopard gecko. Their calm demeanor and manageable size make them perfect for gentle handling.

Remember: Before welcoming any reptile into your home, you should conduct thorough research on their specific needs and ensure you can provide them with a suitable environment and proper care. These five reptile species are a great starting point for your reptilian adventure! With proper care and dedication, you can have a thriving companion for many years to come.

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