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Crested Gecko Ultimate Shopping List

Crested Gecko Ultimate Shopping List

Crested Gecko Ultimate Shopping List 

Whether you are a new crestie parent, or you are looking to give your crested gecko the best life - we have compiled a list of high-quality products that will enhance the life of your gecko so that they can thrive! 

  • 2x2x2 Enclosure / 2x2x4 Enclosure / 4x2x4 Enclosure - All Suitable Enclosures
  • Adequately sized grow out enclosure or plastic tub for quarantine and/or babies
  • 18-22” T5 HO 6% UVB Bulb and Linear Lamp Reflector (Arcadia 6% or ShadeDweller, ZooMed 5.0)
  • 22-24” LED Full Spectrum Grow Light (6-7000k preferred) (Arcadia Jungle Dawn)
  • Lamp Dimmer or Proportional Thermostat (if using a heating element)
  • Infrared Temperature Thermometer 
  • Digital Probe Thermometer/Hygrometer
  • Timer Power Strip or Smart Plugs
  • Tropical Substrate Mix   
  • Quarantine/Solid Substrate (Paper towel preferred)
  • Calcium with d3, Pure Calcium (without d3), Multivitamin Supplement (Repashy, Arcadia)
  • Environmental Enrichment (branches, ledges, hammocks, cork logs, rocks)
  • Forceps
  • Misting Bottle and/or Misting System
  • Kitchen Gram Scale
  • Terrarium Disinfectant (F10, chlorhexidine, white vinegar)
  • BioBasin Liner (If going bioactive or using loose substrate)
  • Food Dishes (.25 - .50 oz bottle caps or cups)
  • Crested Gecko Diet (Pangea, Repashy)
  • Feeder Insects (Josh’s Frogs)

    If you are interested in going bioactive, check out our 2x2x2 Tankless Bioactive Kit! 

    The Crested Gecko Bioactive Tankless Kit comes with everything you need to get started on your crestie's setup, sans the enclosure. Our bioactive kits are the perfect way to easily jump into bioactive keeping, and provide your pets with a more natural habitat.


    • 3 bags of Josh's Frogs BioBedding TROPICAL Bioactive Substrate (10 quarts)
    • Crested Gecko Vivarium Plant Kit (5 Plants)
    • Live Oak Leaf Litter (1 Gallon)
    • Dried Sheet Moss (1 Gallon Bag)
    • 1 Cork Branch (Large)
    • Dwarf Tropical White Isopods (25 ct) AND Temperate Springtails (8oz) Bioactive Bundle

    To learn more about crested geckos and their care, check out our informative articles here!

    If you are looking to find extensive, up to date information on crested geckos, check out our Crested Gecko Ultimate Zen Guide! Over 110 pages of curated information to help your crested gecko thrive!

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