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Leachianus Gecko Breeding | Commonly Asked Questions

Leachianus Gecko Breeding | Commonly Asked Questions

Understanding the Reproduction of Leachianus Geckos: A Glimpse Into Leachie Breeding

The New Caledonian Giant Gecko (Rhacodactylus leachianus), more commonly referred to as Leachianus geckos, or simply “Leachie”, is the largest gecko species on the planet! They are amongst one of the most captivating gecko species to own thanks to their impressive size, bone-chilling vocalizations, and unique pairing behavior. 

When selecting potential leachianus gecko pairs, both animals must be of adult size and 3+ years old before introduction. The courtship ritual involves intricate movements and vocalizations from the male, which may be accepted or rejected by the female. Interestingly, not all leachianus geckos are compatible. This is important to note, as an incompatible pair can quickly severely injure or even kill each other if left together unsupervised. 

An unimpressed female may lash out at the male, or vice versa. Due to their large size and strong jaws, they can easily tear through the flesh of their rejected partner. For this reason, it is suggested to follow the recommendation and guidance of a seasoned leachianus breeder who can guide you through the bonding process. 

Are Leachianus Geckos Monogamous? 

Leachianus geckos are known for their monogamous behavior, often forming long-term pair bonds. However, some breeders report sudden fighting behavior after years of cohabitation, resulting in the need to split the pair. It is important to always remain vigilant in observing your leachie pair’s behavior and physical condition so you can pick up on any potential bullying behavior. 

Do Leachianus Geckos Lay Eggs or Give Live Birth?

Leachianus geckos are oviparous - meaning they lay eggs. The female Leachianus Gecko will lay a clutch of 2 eggs roughly 30 days after copulation and may lay a clutch roughly every 5 weeks for several months following breeding. 

How Many Eggs Do Leachianus Geckos Lay Per Year?

Leachies will produce typically between 1 to 6 clutches per year, with 2 or 3 clutches being the average. 

How Long Do Leachianus Geckos Take To Hatch?

Fertile leachie eggs will take 45-150 days to hatch depending on the incubation temperature. Cooler temperatures tend to yield longer incubation time and produce more females, while higher incubation temperatures cause quicker incubation time and produce more males. 

To learn more about Leachianus Geckos and other fascinating reptiles, head over to our Articles and Care Sheets page!

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