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Raising Cane Toads | Bioactive Cane Toad Enclosure Build

Raising Cane Toads | Bioactive Cane Toad Enclosure Build

Raising Cane Toads: A Cane Toad Bioactive Enclosure Build

In the heart of my living space lies a tranquil oasis, a Zen Habitats enclosure designed especially for my two delightful companions, Chicken and Finger. Nestled within this carefully curated environment, these juvenile cane toads have found a haven that mirrors their natural habitat. This article breaks down the process of recreating the cane toad’s natural ecosystem within my home!

Creating this bio-active cane toad habitat can be broken down into 4 main parts. Each component is integral to the functionality of our cane toad’s bioactive enclosure.

The Perfect Foundation: Bioactive Substrate 

The foundation of any successful bio-active habitat is its substrate.  For Chicken and Finger, we employed a blend of organic topsoil, play sand, and sphagnum moss. This bioactive substrate blend not only replicates their native environment but also supports a healthy ecosystem within the enclosure. This substrate provides the ideal texture and composition for burrowing, allowing the toads to engage in their natural behaviors, ultimately promoting a sense of comfort and security.

Lush Greenery: Live Plants

A touch of nature's beauty was introduced through the inclusion of ornamental fountain grass and other easy care live plants within the enclosure. These carefully selected plants not only serve as aesthetic enhancements but also contribute to the well-being of Chicken and Finger. The live plants provide additional hiding spots and aid in the removal of waste from the enclosure, which completes the nitrogen cycle. 

 Aquatic Retreat: Semi-Aquatic Setup

To recreate a semblance of their native wetland environment, a 7" deep bin was incorporated as a pond within the enclosure. This depth allows the toads to comfortably submerge themselves completely, mimicking their natural semi-aquatic behavior. The addition of a small sponge filter ensures water quality remains optimal, providing Chicken and Finger with a clean source of water for soaking.

Illuminating Their World: Lighting and Heating 

Creating a suitable lighting and heating system was crucial for maintaining a healthy environment. A 24" 5% UVB bulb was strategically positioned to allow for synthesis of essential vitamins. Complementing this, a 50w Ceramic Heat Emitter (CHE) and a dome LED plant light were employed to regulate temperature and provide the necessary light spectrum for plants to grow. 

bioactive cane toad enclosure

The creation of this Zen Habitats enclosure has not only enriched the lives of Chicken and Finger but has also allowed me to connect with nature in a unique and meaningful way. By paying meticulous attention to their needs, from the bioactive substrate to the carefully selected live plants, and the thoughtfully designed aquatic retreat, I have been able to provide a harmonious sanctuary for my amphibious companions. This enclosure stands as a testament to the beauty that can be achieved when compassion and knowledge converge in the care of our animal friends.

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