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Reptile UVB Calculator

Reptile UVB Calculator

The Importance of UVB Lighting:

UVB lighting plays a crucial role in a reptile’s ability to synthesize vitamin D3, a vital nutrient responsible for calcium metabolism and bone health in reptiles. While these animals may obtain some vitamin D3 through their diet, for some, this is insufficient without additional environmental exposure to UVB rays. Use this calculator to help find the right UVB bulb to keep your pet reptile healthy and happy.

Disclaimer: UVB bulbs degrade over time so it is recommended that you purchase a bulb towards the higher end of your reptiles UVI needs. This will ensure more effective output over time.  

Want to learn more about different methods of providing UVB to your reptile? Read our article Comparing the Shade and the Sunbeam Method!

How Does Our Calculator Work? 
Our calculator works by utilizing the available UVI output data at different intervals when measured with a Solarmeter 6.5r. 
This data was sourced from Dr. Francis Baines et al. from published bulb testing reports. 
This tool is designed to help find the proper products and mounting distance for different reptile species while calculating for different variables like the reduction of UV when filtered through a Zen Habitat's enclosure screen, or the increase in UV output when using a reflector hood. 
Suggestions for each species are based on their Ferguson Zone and basking behaviors. 

Find the Right UVB Bulb for Your Reptile

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