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Underrated Reptile Species That Make GREAT Pets!

Underrated Reptile Species That Make GREAT Pets!

Beyond the Bearded Dragon: Underrated Reptile Species That Make Great Pets

The world of reptile companions extends far beyond the common most popular species! If you're looking for a unique and rewarding pet experience, consider venturing into the realm of these often-overlooked reptile species:

  1. Rankin's Dragon (Pogona henrylawsoni): These charismatic Australian lizards are sometimes referred to as “Mini Bearded Dragons”, however they are their own species. Rankin's dragons are very similar in care to bearded dragons, but in a smaller package. They can live comfortably in a 4x2x2 enclosure for their entire lives, and their inquisitive personalities and docile nature make them a joy to observe.
  2. Scorpion Tailed Gecko (Pristurus carteri): Scorpion tailed geckos are highly observational little geckos that spend much of their time looking out of their enclosure or exploring their habitat. They are also surprisingly handleable for a small species, and are not jumpy or skittish like many other tiny geckos. A small group can live together in a 2x2x2 enclosure happily. 
  3. (Emerald Grass Lizard Takydromas smaragdinus): Emerald grass lizards are stunning arboreal lizards from Southeast Asia. These lizards are highly active and require spacious enclosures with plenty of climbing branches. They are highly inquisitive, and those who keep them say they have monitor-lizard-like personalities; they will seek you out as a way to be let out of their enclosure, and want to climb on and interact with their keepers. Their bold and inquisitive personalities make them a great choice for those who want an interactive species that don’t need an incredibly large enclosure. 
  4. Mourning Gecko (Lepidodactylus lugubris): Tiny but mighty, mourning geckos are an all-female species known for their parthenogenetic reproduction. Though not the most handleable species, they can be housed in groups and are highly entertaining to watch. Their small size and relatively simple care requirements make them perfect for those with limited space.
  1. Super Dwarf Reticulated Python (Malayopython reticulatus reticulatus): The reticulated python is famed for being the longest snake species in the world; reaching lengths of over 20’ in some cases. Reticulated pythons are adored by their keepers for having impressive intelligence compared to other snakes. Dwarf and Super Dwarf reticulated pythons are found on islands off of the coast of Indonesia and stay much smaller than a full size (Mainland) reticulated python. The smallest of all super dwarf locale retics is Kalatoa, reaching a length of only 5 - 8 ft! By getting a super dwarf reticulated python, you have the benefits of having a reticulated python without the downsides of needing to feed and house a 20’ snake!

    ** It is important to go to an honest breeder to ensure you know the snake you are purchasing is truly a super dwarf or dwarf reticulated python. Some dishonest sellers may label mainland animals as super dwarf to fetch a higher price tag, but they will not be able to tell you the precise locality content of the animal. Breeders who have produced super dwarves / dwarves for many years with good reputation should be supported if you choose to seek out purchasing a super dwarf retic. 

Remember: Before welcoming any reptile into your home, conduct thorough research on their specific needs and ensure you can provide them with a suitable environment and proper care. These underrated reptile species offer a unique and rewarding alternative to more common reptile pets, each with their own charm and personality. They were specifically selected due to being fairly straightforward to care for when compared to similar commonly kept reptile species.

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