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Josh's Frogs False Bottom - LECA (5 Quarts)

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False bottom (also known as LECA, for light expanded clay aggregate) is a great choice for the drainage layer in a vivarium. LECA is a natural product, made from heated clay. It retains moisture, provides lots of surface area for bacteria and plant roots to grow, and wicks water, which will help maintain humidity in a vivarium.
* This product can range in color from burnt orange to dark brown, almost black. *
How to Use: Rinse with dechlorinated tap water before use. Place a 2-3 inch layer as the drainage layer in a vivarium. Designed to be used with our substrate barrier and ABG to provide ideal vivarium conditions for tropical plants and dart frogs.
Warnings/Caution: Rinse before use. May contain dust.

Not sure how much of Josh's Frogs False Bottom to purchase? Check out our chart below! All measurements call for a 1"-3" layer of LECA.


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