1" Stacking Spacer - for all Zen Habitats enclosure sizes (set of three)

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Color: Aluminum

Make the most of your space and stack enclosures that require no external lighting or heating. Our 1” Stacking Spacer for all Original and Meridian reptile enclosure sizes enables you to create a custom setup for your pet. The three stacking spacer bars are made of the same high-quality aluminum used in our reptile enclosures, so they work perfectly together. 

About This Product

The 1” Stacking Spacer can be easily assembled in just a few minutes! Don't worry about how securely your new setup will be; VHB (very high bond) tape is included to prevent slipping and misalignment. The spacer offers the flexibility to make your enclosures stackable.

  • Note: Compatible with all Original and Meridian enclosure sizes
  • Ideal for stacking multiple enclosures with no external lighting and heating
  • Weighs 1.5 pounds when assembled
  • VHB (very high bond) tape included 
  • Five-year warranty
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