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Exo Terra Spray Bottle (2 Liter)

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From Exo Terra, this spray bottle was made with heavy duty misting in mind. The 2 Liter barrel holds enough water for heavy or continuous misting for a variety of animal enclosures. '

The mister is activated by pressure that is created with the pump top, and sprays continuously once pressurized. The handles comes with a convenient tab to lock the trigger in place for long sprays without hurting your fingers.

Josh's Frogs recommends using distilled or Reverse Osmosis water when misting animals and their enclosures. Don't have access to this water? No worries! Purchase Josh's Frogs Dechlorinator to mix with your tap water for remove harmful chlorine.

About This Product
  • Good for reptiles and amphibians
  • 2 Liter Tank
  • Pressure Activated
  • Continuous Misting Stream
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