Cork BRANCH (Large)

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This Cork Tree Branch is cut from the first harvest of the cork tree, giving it its natural, textured appearance. Cork Branches are great for vivarium use since it is anti-microbial and moisture resistant, allowing it to hold up well in humid environments. These branches will make amazing perches and basking spots for your arboreal pets. They are also great to keep your cleaning crew happy and healthy!

About This Product

By purchasing this product you will receive ONE hand picked piece of Cork Branch similar to the pieces you see in the product photo. 

We hand pick these pieces based on their size. Below is our general size ranges for our Small and Large Cork Branches products.

Small Cork Branches are approximately 12 - 16 inches in length

Large Cork Branches are approximately 18 - 24 inches in length

Before coming to your home, these natural products have undergone a sterilization process so that they do not bring unwanted hitchhikers with them. No synthetic materials are used in this process and the treated products are 100% safe and clean for your pets. However, for peace of mind, you may bake damp pieces of cork at 150 degrees until it’s heated throughout or, for larger pieces, pour boiling water over them.

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