Isopod Culture Kit

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Josh's Frogs Isopod Culture Kit contains everything you need to successfully culture your very own isopods.

Isopods make fantastic tank janitors. They live in the substrate in bioactive enclosures, providing the occasional snack and helping to keep the soil aerated and waste broken down into a form more readily accessible to plants. There are thousands of species of isopods in the world - this kit is focused on culturing Dwarf Tropical Whites, a very popular species.

About This Product

The Josh's Frogs Isopod Culture Kit includes:

1. Dwarf Tropical White Isopods (25 count)

This 8oz container will contain at least 25 healthy Dwarf Tropical White Isopods, ready to help you start a new culture. Simply place the entire contents of the container on top of the substrate in the culture when it's set up, then feed immediately.

2. Josh's Frogs 6 quart Culture Container 

Ideally suited for use as an isopod culture, the 6 quart Culture Container is perfect for starting your own master isopod culture. Simply add isopod substrate, water, and isopods, and you're good to go!

3. Josh's Frogs Isopod Substrate

Specially designed to hold humidity while creating voids for isopods to live and breed in, Isopod Substrate makes culturing a bit easer. You'll need to add enough dechlorinated water to the substrate so that it holds it's shape when squeezed, but not so much that water drains out. Place the entire bag in the culture container.

4. Repashy Bug Burger (6 oz)

Bug Burger is an easy, convenient food for isopods. This makes up most of their diet during the culturing process at Josh's Frogs! We feed enough at a time to last about 4 days, then offer zucchini for the rest of the week. Isopods can be fed exclusively Bug Burger if desired. Make sure a small amount of food is always present in the enclosure, but not so much that it molds before the isopods have a chance to chow down.

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