Reptile Enclosures

2 4x2x2 reptile enclosure
Tegu in front of a Zen Habitats stack of enclosures

Why Zen Habitats?

A great habitat starts with a great reptile enclosure

🌿 Mimic nature by creating various zones & heat gradients in our spacious enclosures.

🌿 Customizable options to create your reptile's perfect habitat.

🌿 Stackable & expandable to grow with you and your pets.

🌿 Great for tropical. Great for desert. Perfect for your pet.

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Welcome, Zen Friend! You're in the right spot. Your reptile's dream habitat is just a few clicks away! See what makes our enclosures the best choice for your pet. With several size options and customizable features, there's something for every reptile owner. Here's a taste of what we have to offer:

  • LARGE ENCLOSURES - provide room to create various zones and heat gradients. We offer 120-gallon wood reptile enclosures. Our PVC reptile enclosures are available in 60-240 gallon options.
  • EXPANDABLE & STACKABLE - to grow with your pet or add more pets to your family. Shop our extension kits or browse our collection of stands and spacers to create your custom reptile enclosure setup.
  • FRONT-OPENING DOORS - minimize stress when approaching your reptile.
  • MAINTAIN HEAT BETTER THAN GLASS - Both our wood and PVC reptile enclosures are better than glass at retaining heat, which helps maintain ambient temperatures at a lower cost.
  • NON-REFLECTIVE SURFACES - reduce anxiety. 
  • 5-YEAR WARRANTY* - on all reptile enclosures, stands, and spacers.