Emzotip - September 2021


Hey Affiliates! Welcome back to another Emzotips article. The Holiday season is right around the corner, and we all know what this means for influencers – it's time to plan out content and sponsorships for the busiest advertising season of the year!

This month's tip: Different sponsorships that can help to swell your bank balance as a budding or full-time influencer.

Product for Post

Also referred to as a PFP, Product for Post refers to a sponsorship whereby an exchange of services occurs. A brand will send their product to an influencer, and the influencer posts about the product. The occasional PFP can be a great way to score a product you'd otherwise not be able to afford. It can also be a great way to begin shooting content that showcases your work while subtly hinting to other onlooking brands that your work and influence are in demand.

However, I would recommend committing to PFP only when you're excited about a product or are looking to build rapport with a company. Too much PFP sends out the message that you will work for free and hinder your ability to receive paid work.

One-off integrations

A one-off integration is a sponsorship whereby you agree to a fee and posting date with a company and are paid to promote their product(s) on your social media. The fee you can ask for usually depends on your reach and engagement rather than the number of followers. Common examples of paid integrations can be pre- or post-roll shout-outs in your YouTube videos (which usually last between 30 and 90 seconds), carousel (multiple image) posts on Instagram, blog posts, sponsored links on Facebook, or even quick TikTok videos.

If you and the brand enjoy working together, and your content was well received, this places you in a great position to pitch a long-term contract.

Long-term contracts

Long-term contracts are usually 3-, 6-, or 9-month long contracts with companies. A long-term contract can take many forms, such as the companies logo placement over a YouTube channel banner, a dedicated video series, or even in-person events. A long-term contract demonstrates to your audience that you trust and endorse a brand very highly. These contracts are a great way to guarantee monthly income for the term of your agreement, however, they often come with the expectation of exclusivity, meaning that you cannot accept endorsements from similar companies for the duration of your contract.

Affiliate Marketing

You already know this one! Affiliate marketing is when you are provided a unique link or code to share with your followers. Each time your code or link helps to drive a sale, you earn a commission for facilitating the sale. Being strategic with how many links and codes you commit to will help you prevent your audience from getting advertisement fatigue, which can cause them to disengage from or even unfollow your socials.

Some great ways to maximize how well your link works for you are:

Mentioning your link at the very beginning or end of your YouTube videos.

Featuring the link in your Instagram bio,

Creating a Linktree where you can display your affiliate link,

Utilizing swipe-up stories on Instagram,

Writing an article with strong SEO and keywords where you display your link

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