Kasey D'Amico Joins Zen Habitats

Get to Know Kasey: Animal Care Manager at Zen Habitats

Kasey D’Amico recently joined Zen Habitats as Animal Care Manager and we couldn’t be more excited!

A Registered Veterinary Technician and former Animal Care Manager at a wildlife rescue and rehabilitation organization in Washington, D.C., Kasey has a wealth of animal and reptile experience.

She’ll be in our office caring for our many reptile babies and soon you will begin to see Zen Habitats videos, social media, and web content featuring Kasey. We’ll cover reptile husbandry, tried and true tips for your pet, proper living environments, stimulation and enrichment, breeding, and more.

Let’s learn more about the newest member of the Zen family!

Can you tell us a bit more about your experience with reptiles? Kasey: “My experience with reptiles began in my first semester of vet tech school. I decided to take on a volunteer position at a local petting zoo to gain experience. They had an indoor exhibition that featured small mammals and reptiles. I learned the basic husbandry and care of some of the more common pet reptile species. I did eventually obtain my goal of working with exotic animals when I completed a six-month internship at a wildlife and exotic animal clinic, which then prepared me for my Animal Care Manager position in DC with wildlife.” 

Why did you want to be the Animal Care Manager at Zen Habitats? Kasey: “I felt like the position was a good fit for me and I could really utilize my skills. I’m excited to be part of a growing company that focuses so much on providing the best products and information regarding these amazing critters!”

What do you think you will enjoy doing the most? Kasey: “I think the part I will enjoy the most is to educate people about different species and their care.” 

What kind of reptiles do you have at home? Kasey: “Currently I only have one reptile at home, she is a Bearded Dragon, and her name is Agave. Other than Agave, I have two dogs, three axolotls and a few fish tanks.” 

Do you have a favorite reptile? Kasey: “That’s a tough one! As far as pet reptiles go, I would really like to own a Brazilian Rainbow Boa. But my favorite reptile in general would be the endangered Mary River Turtle.

Do you have things anything you would like to learn more about? Kasey: “I’m excited to learn about species that I have not worked with before and continue growing my knowledge base. I feel like it is super important to always keep learning about new things, as well as keeping up with current literature. Just because we have done something the same way forever does not mean that it is the best for the animals.”