A La Carte Tortoise Mix - 4.4oz (125g)

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Tortoises in the wild thrive on a natural diet of seasonal plants, flowers, leaves and fruit but we understand that our modern lifestyle with its time restraints doesn’t always allow for foraging of wild plants. This is why we developed Reptile Systems Tortoise Mix.  Tortoise Mix has been engineered as a complete feed for tortoises and other herbivorous reptiles, rich in fiber, with balanced nutritional values, especially low contents of proteins and fats, optimum proportion of calcium and phosphor. This combination of flowers and mixed leaves and a complete diet food stick has been co-developed with professional animal nutritionists, advanced hobbyist and breeders.


  • Complete feed for tortoises
  • Rich in Fiber
  • Optimum proportion of calcium and phosphor
  • Low contents of proteins and fats
  • Can be fed moist or dry

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