A La Carte Turtle Mix - 4.4oz (125g)

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Although Turtle mix is a complete food containing everything your turtle needs to promote growth, digestive health, and natural colour enhancement, we always recommend using additional fresh turtle-safe foods where possible. Good dietary information is key to successfully keeping your chosen species.  Turtle mix is suitable for all types of omnivorous turtles including all sliders (Red, Yellow, Cumberland), Cooters, Musk turtles and all similar species. It can be mixed with any number of natural ingredients to keep your pet in full health. We do not recommend the inclusion of raw meats but certain types of fresh fish are fine. When using insects or salad items in your feeding regime, supplementation is advisable to keep your calcium to phosphorus ratios favorable. This is where the other two products in the range, Vit A Max and Calcium Ultra help plug the gaps in the captive diet. To ensure you are feeding the best food to your pet please follow the guide on our Insect Food when using feeder insects for your turtle. 


  • Complete food for aquatic omnivorous turtles
  • Highly palatable
  • Rich in Omega 3, 6 & 9
  • Mix of fish, shrimp complete sticks and crisps

  • Enhances natural colours

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