A La Carte Vit-A-Max - 3oz (85g)

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Premium complete multivitamin powder, highly palatable nutritional booster loaded with all essential amino acids, vitamins, minerals and natural colour enhancers to keep your animals healthy. Many reptiles’ nutritional needs are not being met simply because of the captive diet we feed them.  We advocate a mixed natural diet and recommend you use this philosophy in your approach to animal care. We also know that in this modern age diets are not as nutrient dense as the food our animals would consume as part of a naturalistic diet. This is also true of commercial bred feeder insects, even though these are extremely good the insects produced lack the full nutrient profile of their wild-roaming counterparts. Vit-A-Max will help fill the gaps in this part of their natural dietary needs.


  • Premium complete multivitamin powder
  • Loaded with essential amino acids, vitamins and minerals
  • Natural color enhancer
  • Contains Bee pollen
  • Rich in antioxidants

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