ABG Mix (4 quart/1 gallon)

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Josh’s Frogs ABG Mix is the perfect blend for growing tropical plants both in the home and in bioactive vivariums. Our mix is the original ABG Mix developed by the Atlanta Botanical Garden. Each bag is a precise mixture of charcoal, milled sphagnum moss, pine bark, tree fern, and peat. The mixture creates the perfect balance between retaining moisture and proper drainage; it can last for several years if used properly!

  • PLANTS THRIVE: Recipe from the Atlanta Botanical Gardens proven for decades to accommodate a huge variety of plants, especially tropicals and houseplants
  • LONG LASTING: Specifically designed to break down slowly, making it prime for use in terrariums/vivariums
  • BIO-BALANCED: Each of the multiple ingredients in this precise mix support a balanced ecosystem
  • EXCELLENT FOR CULTURING: Great for springtails, isopods, and other similar insects
  • THESE 3 LETTERS PRODUCE BIG RESULTS - You won't be disappointed if you give it a try. Also check out our full line of other substrates!

How to Prep: Pre mix the bag before adding the ABG Mix to the terrarium. Also, wet the substrate with distilled or reverse osmosis water before using it for cleaner moving; the moisture helps cut down on dust.

Recommended Animals:

  • Dart Frogs
  • Most Tree Frogs
  • Bumblebee Toads
  • Mantellas
  • Plus many other reptiles, amphibians, and invertebrates

Recommended Plants: ABG is a great substrate for most tropical plants, but make sure to match your plants’ needs to your pets’ environment! ABG can also be used outside the vivarium to grow houseplants!

  • Tropical Plant Kits for Animals
  • All Tropical Plants 

Suitable for Misted Setups: Yes! Josh’s Frogs ABG Mix has good drainage, yet retains the right amount of moisture when used in conjunction with False Bottom and Substrate Barrier in a misted setup.

Care: ABG Mix is a naturalistic vivarium substrate and is meant to house a bioactive clean up crew! Use ABG with False Bottom, Substrate Barrier, Sphagnum Moss, and Leaf Litter to create a naturalistic vivarium.

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