Compact Pro 3U Lamp

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Size: Zone 2 - 6%

Reptile Systems Compact Pro Zone 2 6% 3U lamp is a professional designed and tested lamp.  It is important to ensure that all reptiles, and amphibians are provided with the correct heating and lighting equipment for optimum health and development.  The Reptile Systems Compact Pro Zone 2 3U lamp offers 6% UVB for the synthesis of vitamin D3, and 30% UVA which produces excellent natural colors whilst still only using 23 watts.  Reptile Systems Compact Pro lamps have an electronic starter built in so you don’t need and more hardware.  For best results replace every 6-9 months. This lamp is designed to be mounted horizontally. 


  • Reptile lighting lamp: The Reptile Systems Compact Pro 3U lamp is the perfect solution for providing full spectrum UVA and UVB light to your reptiles, amphibians or exotic mammals. This lamp is suitable with all standard E26 reptile ceramic lamp fittings and canopy fittings. This lamp is designed to be mounted horizontally
  • Light source for promoting reptile health: ensure your pet is in the best possible health by using this high quality D3 reptile compact Pro 3U lamp along with the correct diet to support synthesis of vitamin D3 and provide necessary UVB light rays that are required for many reptiles to metabolize essential calcium  
  • Pet supplies you need: Perfect for a wide range of animals, from Forest (6%) –such as lizards, turtles, frogs, chameleons and many more to the Desert (12%) such as lizards, tortoise, snakes and many more
  • Compatibility you can count on - Available as either a zone 3 12% desert lamp or a zone 2 6% forest lamp , suitable for a wide range of smaller enclosures such as vivariums, terrariums, paludariums, vision cages and tanks
  • Easy to use:  Can be placed above screen covers, long lasting and no ballast required

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