Eco T5 Fixture

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Style: Zone 1
Size: 8 watt

Pro T5 Gen2 Fixture - Compete with Fixture, Lamp, mounting hardware and extension cable.

The Reptile Systems Eco T5 Gen 2 fixtures are a lightweight single lamp unit, with built in reflector.  It combines a Reptile Systems HOT5 lamp with a reliable, electronic, flicker free ballast unit all in one convenient bundle. It has a 103° removable reflector to give powerful wide spread of light thanks to its uncoated, highly reflective surface and offers some of the best results achievable for a unit of this type.  In line on/off switch for easy operation. This fixture can be linkable with up to 10 total compatible fixtures (adapters included).  Includes Fixture with 2 sided reflector, HOT5 Lamp, mounting hardware, power cords and linking adapters.


  • Combines Reptile Systems HOT5 with a reliable flicker free ballast 
  • Slimline black unit with built in reflector
  • Lightweight single lamp unit
  • Can be mounted above or below the mesh

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