Leopard Gecko Bioactive Tankless Kit (for 48"x24"x16" enclosure)

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The Leopard Gecko Bioactive Tankless Kit comes with everything you need to get started on your leo's setup, sans the enclosure. Our bioactive kits are the perfect way to easily jump into bioactive keeping, and providing your pets with a more natural habitat.

About This Product

This kit includes:

Josh's Frogs BioBedding DESERT Bioactive Substrate (10 quarts) x 6 bags

BioBedding Desert is the perfect substrate for your desert or arid bioactive enclosure, and is ideal for bearded dragons. This substrate is a unique blend of ingredients designed to jump-start the bioactive environment. It helps to maintain a low level of humidity, yet retains moisture in a way to easily provide humid hides and support a community of cleaner invertebrates and beneficial organisms.

Large Desert Plant Kit (8 plants)

This kit provides you with plants that are hardy enough to withstand the extreme features of an arid/desert environment. These are drought-tolerant, tough species that will enjoy low humidity and bright light. Suitable for providing a naturalistic feel to any desert animal enclosure such as leopard geckos and bearded dragons or to simply enjoy in a planted vivarium.

In this kit, you will receive 7 individual plants that include 6 different desert species suitable for a 48 x18 or similar sized vivarium. This will include (4) 2-3 inch potted succulents, (1) 4 inch potted succulent, (1) Xerographica tilly, (1) 3-4 inch snakeplant, and (1) 2.5 inch Ponytail Palm.

The Aloe vera, Haworthia, and Echeveria species chosen for this kit are Grower's Choice plants, meaning they will be chosen from a mix of varieties of the selected desert species that are currently in stock.

Cork Flats x 6

Cork Flats are sections of bark from trees farmed in Portugal. Cork is a completely renewable resource, as the trees can be harvested every 7 years. Cork Flats make great decor or hides for your reptiles or amphibians, or can be used to make a background in a vivarium or terrarium.

Cork Flats from Josh's Frogs will hold up in a wide range of environments, and make a great addition to any vivarium or terrarium!

Large cork flats are between 12 and 15 inches long and 7-9 inches wide, weighing approximately 1-2 lbs

Manzanita Wood Branch x 1

These are great pieces that will provide the natrual decor you are looking for. Manzaita is a great way to add a unique look to your enclosure.

Manzanita is a very hard, durable wood from the arid regions of the western part of the United States. Our manzanita is legally and sustainably collected from private lands in California, then sand blasted for cleanliness. Manzanita holds up very well in almost any environment, from an arid desert terrarium, to a humid rainforest vivarium, to even an aquarium! Once placed in a humid environment, manzanita quickly darkens to a dark brown color, fitting right in with a naturalistic vivarium. Manzanita from Josh's Frogs is perfect for providing a hardscape in your tank!

Large Manzanita Wood is approximately 16-24 inches in length.

Clean-Up-Crew Bioactive Bundle

You will receive an 8 oz container with 25+ Dwarf Tropical White Isopods and an 8 oz container containing temperate springtails. We've found that these two species are the best for most bioactive enclosures.

Dwarf Tropical White Isopods (Trichorhina tomentosa) are the most popular species of isopods for poison dart frog vivaria and other bioactive setups. They reproduce quickly, and are a great isopod to seed your vivarium with. We also recommend using the starter culture to start a larger culture. 
Springtails (Folsomia candida) are tiny arthropods (1-4 mm) and are used as "Tank Janitors" in a terrarium, eating mold and waste. They also make a great supplemental food for your poison dart frogs. This 8oz culture houses springtails on a dirt like substrate, which can added directly to your vivarium!

When you add springtails and isopods to your tanks they will reproduce. Simply dump the entire culture in your terrarium and mix the substrate in the springtail culture right into your substrate.

Feed weekly with Josh's Frogs Spring to Life Springtail Food.

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