New Dawn LED 6500K Compact

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Size: 9 watt

It is important to ensure that live plants are fully supported within an enclosure by providing high light levels at the correct wave lengths for healthy growth, budding, flowering and fruiting.
The Reptile Systems LED New Dawn provides a true 6500k LED light source designed specifically to encourage natural healthy growth for all live planted enclosures.  Designed for low energy consumption it is perfectly safe to use in high humidity enclosures.


  • True 6500 Kelvin light source which makes plants grow fast and strong
  • Eco friendly
  • 120° diffusion angle which helps to penetrate the light wider over the whole the enclosure
  • over 1125 Lumen making the New Dawn 9watt Compact very bright and powerful
  • Over 80 CRI (Color Rendering Index)

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