New Dawn LED 6500K Compact UVI Flood

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After working on a plethora of prototypes, chips and layouts and testing we are excited to launch the New Dawn UVI. 60 LED's in total, 10 x UVA LED's including low and high range, 16 x UVB LED's including low and high range, 34 x 6500 k LED's.  UVA + UVB = UVI. 6.8w of visible light + 6.2w of UVI = 13w lamp. Using the New Dawn UVI  you should expect to reach 5.1 UVI at 8 in, 5.1-3.3 at 8-12 in from the lamp, 3.3-1.3 UVI at 12-20 in from the lamp and 1.3-0.5 UVI at 20-32 in from the lamp.  The UVI Flood is a hybrid lamp containing UVB, UVA and 6500 kelvin chips.  The UVI Flood supplies a very good source of UVB, which is invisible to reptiles (and people) and we recommend it is used in conjunction with other heating and lighting to help with typical photo and thermo regulatory behavior. This natural mechanism stops basking reptile in the wild receiving excessive radiation through over exposure. The sunbeam Method which provides sectioned basking zones with a gradient all the way down to a shaded area with no UV at all would work well.  If you wish to use the shade method you could pair the UVI Flood with a good quality sunlight or Zone 1 fluorescent lamp and provide heat via The Gold Lamp unit, Heat Mat, or Heat Strip depending on species and behavior patterns.


  • New Dawn LED light source with UVI, light for plants and UVI for your animals 
  • UVB transmitting quartz glass cover to protect the LED lamp and allow more UVI to pass through for your animal
  • 10 UVA LED's covering the low range and high range of nm that your animal needs
  •  16 UVB LED's covering the low range and low range of nm that your animal needs 
  • 34 x 6500K LED's tried and tested to plants fast and strong, also adds visible which will benefit your animal 

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