New Dawn LED 6500K Flood - 35watt

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The 35w New Dawn Flood is a true 6500 kelvin LED light source, producing high light levels at the right wavelengths for powerful plant growth. The 35w flood has an 80° beam angle to flood light into larger enclosures. With its four separate LED bundles, the 35w model is different from the 10w & 25w New Dawn Spot. It has a reliable, quiet and highly efficient cooling fan to stop the LEDs getting too hot, greatly prolonging the working lifespan. Having a color temperature of 6500k has been proven to promote the best vegetive growth for most plants, used because plant growth is induced by the bluer end of the natural light spectrum. Natural sunlight ranges from 2700 and 7000 Kelvin. For the volume of light being produced these are still very low wattage saving you money on running costs. The New Dawn 35w Flood has a high color rendering index (CRI), showing your plant’s and inhabitant’s true vibrant colors.
New Dawn are a safe and reliable way to illuminate your enclosures in a natural clean light and have the benefit of promoting explosive plant growth with low power consumption.


  • True 6500 Kelvin light source which makes plants grow fast and strong
  • Only 35watt of power making the 35w Flood very eco friendly
  • 80° diffusion angle which helps to penetrate the light wider over the whole the enclosure
  • over 3000 Lumen making the New Dawn 35watt Flood very bright and powerful
  • Over 90 CRI (Color Rendering Index)

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