Proten New Dawn LED 6500K

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Size: 7 watt (10-18")

It is important to ensure that live plants are fully supported within an enclosure by providing high light levels at the correct wave lengths for healthy growth, budding, flowering and fruiting.
The Reptile Systems Proten LED New Dawn provides a true 6500k LED light source designed specifically to encourage natural healthy growth for all live planted enclosures.  Designed for low energy consumption and IP65 rated so perfectly safe to use in high humidity enclosures.


  • Reptile Lighting lamp: The Proten LED New Dawn unit from Reptile Systems is the perfect solution for providing full spectrum UVA and supporting live plants within a vivarium as well as adding additional lighting for all reptiles, amphibians and exotic mammals
  • Light source for promoting plant health: Ensure your live planted enclosures can flourish by providing true 6500k high light levels at the correct wavelengths. With blue and red spectrums to encourage budding and flowering
  • Pet supplies you need: Perfect for a wide range of planted enclosures or adding additional lighting to brighten up existing set ups
  • Compatibility you can count on: Available in four sizes (10-18"; 18-24", 24-36" and 36-48").  Complete with a variety of mounting options including adaptor clips for T5 and T8 light units as well as clamp fittings to mount and fix to the end of vision cages and aquariums
  • Easy to use:  Low energy consumption and dual channel controller.  Channel 1 – color (red and blue LEDs), Channel 2 – White, Channel 1 and 2 – full spectrum

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