Reflector Clamp Lamp - Black

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Size: 75 watt

A ceramic deep dome lamp holder and spun reflector ideal for use with our Reptile Systems Ballasted Mercury Vapor and Basking Spot lamps.  Made in stylish flat black exterior color including ceramic lamp base to complement your animal cage or enclosure.  In line on/off switch for easy operation and comes complete with hanging loop, metal mesh screen protector and clamping hardware.  Available in 3 sizes:  Small 75w Max; Medium 100w Max & Large 200w Max     Small: Inner diameter 5.125" X 3.25"; Medium: Inner diameter 6" X 5"; Large: Inner diameter 7.5" X 6.5"; Mesh Metal cover adds 1.25" to depth when installed.


  • Multi-directional clamp
  • Heat resistant ceramic fitting
  • Heavy gauge, highly reflective aluminum dome in attractive black color
  • Detachable protective mesh cover
  • In-line on/off switch

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