Zen Blend Dark Roast Ground Coffee (2 pack)

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You’ve already given your pet reptiles an environment they can thrive in with our Zen Habitats. Now it’s time for some *you* time. Immerse yourself in a moment of tranquility and awaken your senses with the Zen Blend - the most delicious dark roast you’ve ever tasted! Unlike other dark roasts which can have a bitter after-taste, our Zen Blend is slow-roasted to ensure that each sip is perfectly rich and smooth with no bitterness.

The coffee beans in this blend are of Colombian, Brazilian and Sumatran origin, resulting in irresistibly smooth notes of dark chocolate, and almond. Slow-roasted and ground in the USA, our small batches of coffee are shipped to you at peak freshness.

Indulge in our Zen Blend coffee, a rich, flavorful treat that makes a difference. 100% of the profits from every purchase contributes to Zen Reptile Relief, our charity supporting reptile rescues nationwide. Find your Zen with a cup that tastes good and does good!

About This Product
  • 2 bags included (one of each design)!
  • Tasting Notes: Dark chocolate, almond, and tobacco notes with a heavy roast flavor
  • Region: Colombia (El Tambo, Cauca) / Sumatra (Gayo) / Brazil (Sul Minas)
  • Processing: Washed
  • Roaster's Comments:  This blend was specifically designed for dark roast lovers.  We started by taking a washed Sumatran coffee that can really take the heat and imparts the earthy, tobacco notes.  Next, we added in the washed Colombian, which adds the dark chocolate notes.  Finally, the natural Brazil roasts a little faster than the other two and creates the smokey, heavy roast flavors.  The result is a full-bodied dark, but not overly bitter, cup.

Roasted by Cold Blooded Caffeine.

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