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Zen Habitats Deluxe Stacking Spacer

  • Ideal for stacking multiple enclosures with external lighting or heating fixtures
  • VHB tape (Very High Bond) to fasten the stand to the enclosure
  • Can be used as a stand
  • 3 year warranty*

The Zen Habitats Deluxe Stacking Spacer is a beautiful and easy way to stack multiple Zen Habitats Reptile Enclosures while providing ventilation for the bottom enclosure.  Zen Habitats Deluxe Stacking Spacer is 12” tall, perfect for those who need external lighting, and has two bamboo front sliding doors allows easy access to lighting fixtures.  The Deluxe Stacking Spacer is made of the same material used in our enclosures, which makes them look amazing together.  We use a VHB (Very High Bond) tape to fasten the stand and enclosure.  Free shipping included.

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  • Will the stacking spacer support two of your 4x2x2 enclosures? I don’t have space to use the full-size cabinet.

    Yes it can definitely support the weight.

  • Can this be used on top of the cabinet stand? I'd prefer to have the cage closer to 3 feet off the ground than only 2, and I figured I could stack this on top of the cabinet stand, and then stack the cage on top of this.

    Yes, that would work.

  • Hi there I'm zoe and I was wondering if you shipped to Australia as I would love one of these tanks but live in Australia

    Thank you for reaching out to us.   At this time we are US based only. However, we do plan on expanding in the future.

  • I’m a little confused as to how exactly this works and comes together. Are the tanks sold separately? What I’m looking for is stackable bearded dragon tanks where I can put the lights on top of the tanks like in the picture, but the top tanks lights need to be on top as well so I’d like them to have screen tops and opening front doors. I would super appreciate some help on how to achieve this and what the cost would be! Thank you!

    Yes, the Deluxe Stacking Spacer and the Reptile Enclosures are all sold separately.  In order to stack 2 enclosures with the lights on the outside you need the Deluxe Stacking Spacer which provides room for the lights and ventilation.  Our enclosures come with galvanized steel screen tops and front sliding/removable acrylic doors.  Please let us know if you have any other questions. 

  • Is there any way to get a stand that is enclosed with the same bamboo style wood as the enclosure itself? With the sliding door style you've got on the spacer?

    Yes we do.  Check out our Cabinet Stand.  

  • Can the deluxe stacking spacer House a bamboo floor panel? I want to turn it into storage under a single habitat with your stand on bottom. And if so....would you sell a floor panel for the deluxe spacer? Your deluxe stacking spacer Sandwiched between a single habitat, and your stand, makes the perfect height of 60 inches, bringing the habitat to the perfect eye level, creating a sleek open look with storage!! Your “cabinet stand” is Beautiful ......but just too big for my space. Thanks for your time, Melissa

    Hi Melissa,   Thank you for question.  Because these are pre-packaged we are not able to modify components.  That said if you wanted you could easily add 1/4" plywood to make the bottom (cut to 46"x22").  It would be hidden so the look wouldn’t matter as much.  Thank you for the compliment on the cabinet stand.  You mentioned you were interested in the standard stand because the cabinet stand was too big for your space.  I want to make sure you know the two are the same size, one has a cabinet and the other does not.  Hope this helps.