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At Zen Habitats we are proud to promote the wellness of reptile pets and to support rescue organizations around the country. We created Zen Reptile Relief to raise desperately needed funds to support multiple reptile rescue facilities around the country. Each month, we will choose one amazing non-profit that all donations for the month will go towards helping. You can help support these great organizations by purchasing anything from our "Support Zen Reptile Relief" collection or adding a donation to your Zen Habitats order by adding this product to your cart. Any donation truly will help these organizations dedicated to our reptile friends!

About Carolina Reptile Center - April's Non-Profit of the Month: 

"Carolina Reptile Center is a 501(c)(3) nonprofit that rescues and rehabilitates sick, injured, and displaced wildlife. Though we work primarily with wild animals, we also take in serious neglect cases like this ball python that was abandoned in a home without heat, food, or water."

"We've also taken in wild animals from other countries. Like this Mexican Spiny Tailed Iguana that hopped on the back of a semi-truck traveling from Mexico to NC."

"Founded in 2022, Carolina Reptile Center has taken in over 200 animals and we are one of the few wildlife rehabilitation centers that works exclusively with reptiles and amphibians. We advocate for the preservation and restoration of native ecosystems that provide wildlife places to live and thrive. We also educate the public about the various species that call North Carolina home, provide ways to peacefully coexist with them, and find solutions to prevent human-wildlife conflicts."

To learn more about Carolina Reptile Center, visit their website!

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